Onstream Receives Global Recognition for IoT Solutions by Dell and Intel

We’re thrilled to announce that Dell and Intel have named Onstream as a silver winner in “Connect What Matters,” an IoT contest hosted to recognize data-driven ideas and technology. This award recognizes Onstream’s intelligent, autonomous building systems, and their application to make nonresidential buildings efficient and secure. Onstream was considered alongside a variety of large […]

The Age Of Autonomy Is Coming

Originally published in ReadWrite, Jan 19, 2016 All of the recent buzz about autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots—a conversation driven by big players ranging from Google to Toyota—obscures one of the most historically important events that’s unfolding right in front of us. The Age of Autonomy is arriving, quietly and widely, as truly autonomous devices […]

The Five Risks Even Risk-Averse Entrepreneurs Must Take

Unschooled politicians and media commentators often observe that successful entrepreneurs are folks who love taking risks– they’re flat-out wrong.Successful entrepreneurs know that they’re not in the business of taking risks; they’re in the business of mitigating risk. They learn everything they can and take careful steps to reduce their risk to the lowest possible level before they leap into a new undertaking.But not every risk can be mitigated. Not every unknowable can be known. Sometimes the only option is to leap from the cliff, relying on your faith in yourself to provide a parachute.What are the “scary unknowables” that mark the edge of the cliff where a leap of faith is required? Here are the five encountered by almost every new venture...

Five Ways That Over-Sharing Can Sink Your Startup

Bubbling over with enthusiasm for your newest idea for a new business? Put a lid on it.Few human emotions are as powerful as the desire to share every detail of a great new concept that will make the world a better place — and make you rich in the process.But the dangers of over-sharing never are greater than when you’re getting a new venture off the ground. Here are five reasons that silence is golden...

The IoT goldmine hiding in plain sight:

A connected world is not automatically a smarter world. Data must be digested to become intelligence. Connectivity must be harnessed to become action.We’ve all heard that the world of connected devices is growing at a torrid pace. There are currently 4.9 billion connected devices around the world but in the next five years that number will grow to 25 billion, according to Gartner Research. But while device connectivity skyrockets, device intelligence lags far behind. Much of the world’s connected devices stream unused data to a distant database or server with little regard for what that data might mean to the device itself.