Need help in designing, configuring, or deploying your solution? Leverage Onstream’s technical expertise in developing and implementing building intelligence solutions.  From remote configuration to customized learning to complete solution deployment, Onstream offers the following technical consulting services:

System Design Services

Selecting the right device connectivity approach and/or onboarding devices to the right messaging framework to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and efficiency can be challenging. The experts at Onstream will help you and your team make these first mile design decisions and stream data to the Onstream framework.

Onsite Implementation Services

Now that your intelligent building system design is complete, how do you deploy the solution? While the Onstream Activator is plug-and-play, integration with legacy technologies such as local networks, web services, devices, and communication protocols can be challenging. Especially in remote environments with tens, or even hundreds of disparate devices. Let us help! If need be, we will provide in-field support services to get your building intelligence off the ground.

Custom Intelligence Development Services

The Onstream Activator includes a robust set of pre-defined intelligent actions to enable many smart devices. But if your solution requires a custom and/or complex artificial intelligence algorithm where maybe you aren’t comfortable or where you simply don’t want to spend time learning AI, Onstream will help you create, or create for you, the optimal intelligence and logic set to enable real-time, adaptive, ambient intelligence for your building.

Onstream Training Services

Onstream provides a full range of training options for partners and customers. Starting with system design and continuing through integration, implementation and operations, the Onstream team will provide you the skills necessary for for a painless and successful solution experience.

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