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VR For Porn

Unlike games and other recreational apps, VR porn is still the future of masturbation. However, it is definitely something that is going to change our after-dark activities for good. VR porn has the potential to make virtual sex feel more real. Experiencing it is easier than you might think. All you need is access to some VR porn material, a VR headset and of course, some privacy.

Here is everything a VR porn enthusiast should know.

What is VR Porn?

Virtual Reality porn can transform what was once a passive experience into an interactive one. And yes, we are talking about porn, so you could imagine how pleasurable it would be. Porn particularly filmed for the VR world is made keeping in mind the subjective point of view. Eliminating all the background distractions and a sensation of just looking at the screen. It actually tricks your brain into believing what you’re seeing. So, in short, VR porn won’t let you touch your favorite porn star (yet) but it can put you in the same room where the action is happening. Still cool, no?

How to Watch It?

Watching regular porn is easy, to experience VR porn you have to do some preparations. The first thing you need is a VR headset. These headsets are available at various price tags. You can buy a high-end one with fancier options for $500 or get the cheapest at around $10. Some VR headsets are only compatible with Samsung while others can hold in any smartphone, including your beloved iPhone. Once you have the headset on, you still have to spend more money in order to get your hands on full-length movies. However, if you are happy with a quickie, there is plenty of content available – short clips of 5 – 8 minutes. The world’s biggest porn site “Pornhub” offers an exclusive section for VR porn with a bag full of ads and popups of course.

The Future?

VR porn is still in its infancy. If you’re looking for different, dark variety, you may be disappointed. For now, most of the content is aimed at straight folks but this might change soon, very soon!


VR porn serves as a platform for people to live their fantasies. Whether you’re single or want to experience something you otherwise can’t in real life – the VRporn has something in it for everyone.

So, do you think it’s time to turn of the lights for you?