What is Hyperloop? The Future of Rail Transport?

What is Hyperloop? Hyperloop comes as a new form of transport, which will enable passengers to travel at a speed of around 700 km per hour. The passengers will travel in pods present inside tubes (underground) at very low pressure. Many companies are already working to make Hyperloop a reality. The Hyperloop is different than […]

Why quantum computing might be more dangerous than you think?

Unlike normal computers, a quantum computer will use quarks as bits known as qubits. These bits are considered to be the smallest particles in the world and hence they are able to have more number of bits than any other computing device in the world. When we talk about such computers, we are actually referring to a […]

How Does VR Affect Brain?

VR is amazing alright – but is it really safe? Virtual reality is making inroads and most of the people are excited to try it out. Thing with virtual reality is that it is so immersive that sometimes users just forget to take their VR headsets off. The result can be a negative one for […]