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How Does VR Affect Brain?

VR is amazing alright – but is it really safe?

Virtual reality is making inroads and most of the people are excited to try it out. Thing with virtual reality is that it is so immersive that sometimes users just forget to take their VR headsets off. The result can be a negative one for health. Although we love VR technology, but since knowledge is power, we have decided to take a look at how VR affects the brain.

1- Confuses the Brain

 Due to conflicting data, the VR tends to confuse the brain. This confusion is basically due to the fact that your eye s are seeing something and the brain is sensing something totally different. This tends to puzzle the mind and the impact may last for several hours.

2- Distorting Mental Maps

Hippocampal neurons are present in the brain and are responsible for mapping out a person’s real-world position. When rats were exposed to the VR world, it showed that their hippocampal neurons started firing randomly. In short, the rats had no idea where they were?


3- Creation of Real Memories

Ideally, the places we visit in the virtual reality work should stay in the virtual world and not interfere with our real life. Sometimes due to excessive VR play, the virtual reality forms a part of our real memory. Under extreme circumstances, this could result in hallucinations.


4- Eye Damage

Through VR headset you look at the screen, which is closer than the minimum distance suggested for electronic screens. This may result in eye damage.

5- Psychological Effects

Virtual Reality experience can trick your mind into believing things you see in VR world to be real. This has been reported to cause several psychological effects in users (depending on the type of VR you are seeing).

6- Memories Storage

The neurons responsible for memory creation are reportedly disturbed during a VR session. This may result in disturbance in memory storage. Examples include looking for an object in the drawer while you had put it in the kitchen cabinet.

7- Treating Brain Injury

Okay, enough of the negative side. Virtual reality has some positive effects on our brain as well. Certain type of brain injuries can be treated with VR. The patient is exposed to a virtual reality world and the thing he sees help the brain heal faster. It is like a physiotherapy of the brain.

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