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What is Hyperloop? The Future of Rail Transport?

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop comes as a new form of transport, which will enable passengers to travel at a speed of around 700 km per hour. The passengers will travel in pods present inside tubes (underground) at very low pressure. Many companies are already working to make Hyperloop a reality.

The Hyperloop is different than traditional train service because it will be underground all the way. The underground tunnels in which the passenger pods will be present would be like a vacuum. This vacuum reduces the friction allowing the pods to travel at amazing speeds. Unlike the rail or cars that use wheels to travel, these future rail cars will use air skis to actually flat in the air. The idea is still far from reality but many companies are working to build a commercially viable system of hyperloops.

Hyperloop Benef  its?

Since the Hyperloop is still in the making and something of the future, we can’t really give its exact benefits. However, we can be sure of certain things at this moment. The hyperloop will make travel faster than we had ever imagined. The travel would be cheap as the repair and maintenance cost of the Hyperloop would be much less. Once the Hyperloop project becomes a reality it would be less damaging to the environment. Hyperloop can take the traffic off roads between major cities and bring huge economic benefit to countries.

When Are We Going to See It?

The Hyperloop projects are still in the development stage. We can’t exactly predict when are we going to see it but experts are of the opinion that the earliest hyperloop may come out in 2021.

Where Will The Service Run?

Again, we can’t be sure of that but many companies are working to establish routes in Europe, the USA and some parts of Asia. Potential routes may include Washington DC to New York, Mumbai to Pune, Brno to Bratislava and more.

History of Hyperloo

The idea of blazing fast means of transport in a vacuum is an old one. It goes back to 1864 in London where Crystal Palace Railway pushed rail upwards, using air pressure and created a vacuum to slide it down the hill. Due to lack of resources, this could never be commercialized.

Modern-day entrepreneur Elon Musk is really putting in a lot of effort to bring the idea of Hyperloop success. Whether it becomes the future of transport or not, we still have to wait and watch.

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