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Why quantum computing might be more dangerous than you think?

Unlike normal computers, a quantum computer will use quarks as bits known as qubits. These bits are considered to be the smallest particles in the world and hence they are able to have more number of bits than any other computing device in the world. When we talk about such computers, we are actually referring to a storage capacity of hundreds of millions of TB. And what is more exciting is the fact that this can even be possible for a mobile device.

The code used by quantum computers are also different, they are not binary codes. The quarks of a quantum computer exist in a structure called superposition. Superposition means that the qubits can take more than one position at any given time, which further means that they can be 0, 1 or both and that too at the same time.  The amount of numbers qubits can hold double each time a single qubit is added. For example, if one qubit can hold 1000 numbers, 2 qubits will hold 2000 numbers. If you have a quantum computer with 500 qubits you can actually hold more numbers than atoms present in this universe.

Why Are Quantum Computers Dangerous

Now, let us analyze why quantum computing can be dangerous to the world.

Impossible to Hack

In case of a cyber attack initiated from a quantum computer, it would be almost impossible to track. The normal computers fall far behind when it comes to hacking the quantum computer. What is even more interesting is the fact that these computers are even not hackable from a fellow quantum computer. So, yes, it is true that quantum computing is hack proof.

The main danger of quantum computing is that it is capable of hacking all our data by cracking the cryptographic algorithms. Modern services are well equipped to keep our data safe from a normal hacking attempt but if this attempt is made from a quantum computer all our data will be compromised. This beast of a computer is also capable of cracking the algorithm used by the NY Stock exchange – making the worldwide market to collapse.


The current quantum computer consists of 128 qubits. Of course, it can’t be purchased by normal people but government agencies and large corporations can easily afford it. So, the next time you think your data is safe, you may want to read more about the quantum computing.


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